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United Michigan Sportsman Against The Ban On Baiting

At the February Natural Resources Commission meeting Commissioner John Madigan and the Commissioners have decided to revisit the 2008 ban on the feeding and baiting of whitetail deer and elk.

Public comments are scheduled for the next three meetings of March, April, and May. Now is our chance to have this foolish ban lifted. We are urging everybody to try and attend one of these three meetings and voice your opinion.

To be on the list as speakers for a comment you must contact the NRC and request your desire to make a comment no latter than the Friday before that months meeting.


Call the NRC at;


Or e-mail at;


Another option if you are unable to attend a meeting would be to mail or e-mail a comment to the NRC to be included in the meeting;

Mail comments to;
Natural Resources Commission,
P.O. Box 30028, Lansing, Michigan 48909

E-Mail to;


Printable form letter asking Governor Rick Snyder to revisit the CWD reaction plan.

Click here for a leter asking the governor to revisit the CWD reaction plan

Bait Poll 2009


Bait Poll 2010

This poll was moved from the voting location before the Michigan firearm deer season after it started to gather in momentum. The total of votes is predicted to have been 75% in favor of people who would use bait if it were legal.


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The ban on the baiting and feeding of whitetail deer

Was an overreaction and should be lifted.

There have been no additional cases of CWD

It's time to lift the ban